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Just another day in paradise

Because everyone spends a holiday washing coon $hit off their overhead shed doors, right? Note: after raccoons terrorize the shed like drunken pirates, they will need to rest. Especially if they have gorged themselves on cat food and cattle feed. … Continue reading

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Goat kidding update

When I go out at 5:30 a.m. for a check, can’t find one, suffer a mild panic attack, then locate her snoozing under the hay feeder: Her brother looked at me with charming eyes and said, “No worries, I will … Continue reading

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Beautiful subject – beautiful day – beautiful focus

Sunshine, puffy clouds on a blue background, friends, farm animals …. adorableness.  {Sigh}  Although I love the subject of the photos, and I missed her sister not being present, and I caught many great snapshots, something about the profile shots … Continue reading

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Photo Friday ~ April 22, 2016

How about a Photo Friday to bring you up to speed with spring in central Illinois? Hope for good changes as the fog clears.  On the lookout for something new. Hoping it comes shining through.  Finally! A month until the … Continue reading

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Life is full of so many interesting pursuits! How does one have time to pursue them all? Satisfy our curiosity about the world around us?How do we know in which direction we should put our focus? Almost every single day, … Continue reading

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A January Saturday

Some days the clouds in your thoughts seem to lift. Other days, it seems the best activity is to find a nice blankie, hide your face, and take a nap. Then, you’ll feel like eating, of course, upon awaking.  At … Continue reading

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Barnyard Walk

Finally!  A day without rushing, clouds and rain.  A day to walk around the barnyards with you.  My in-laws bought two feeder calves to put in with our little George. Taking pics of black calves in the dark results in … Continue reading

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Photo Friday ~ December 4, 2015

I am pathetically out of whack.  Discombobulated.  Unorganized. Otherwise, life is good.  Hope yours is, too. Stay vigilant – Be alert –Or, be adorable and go back to eating!

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It is interesting how a lesson demonstrated or learned through our little farm will often apply to my life in general. Let’s take “Patience” for example. Very sadly, very unfortunately, I lost a young doe goat to internal parasites.  Although … Continue reading

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Photo Friday ~ September 4, 2015

Even with the temps being in the 90s this week, there is a definite feeling of autumn approaching. Ready or not. Happy (^^^) Labor Day weekend, Photo Friday friends!!

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