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How dare I

wake up Bubbles,  by turning on the ceiling fan? Friends, I wish you undisturbed sleep.  And sweet dreams.

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New views

The “new” old house in town is already changing!  The monstrous yews in front had to go. BEFORE:That picture doesn’t really show how monstrous they were.  They were hide-a-bear big … if we had bears, that is. AFTER:Now, it’s neat and … Continue reading

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Photo Friday with Bubbles

Happy Friday – may your eggs not crack!

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The little things

Sometimes, it’s the little things that brighten a week. Like a frosty morning Happy hello. It’s now daylight as I cross the Kaskaskia River on my drive to work. And I love small towns. Especially my small town of Shelbyville. … Continue reading

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Photo Friday with Bubbles

Pawfully, playfully, cute, right? I hope you have a playful Friday, friends!

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Just another day in paradise

Because everyone spends a holiday washing coon $hit off their overhead shed doors, right? Note: after raccoons terrorize the shed like drunken pirates, they will need to rest. Especially if they have gorged themselves on cat food and cattle feed. … Continue reading

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Life is full of so many interesting pursuits! How does one have time to pursue them all? Satisfy our curiosity about the world around us?How do we know in which direction we should put our focus? Almost every single day, … Continue reading

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