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I concede.

I had such hopes.I kept the faith. My hopes fell like the autumn leaves. No Indian Summer this fall for Central Illinois. But faith is knowing the sun will shine again … despite snow in November! Even Bubbles decided to … Continue reading

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Rain Delay

This spring has been delayed due to chilly, rainy weather and lack of sunshine. I last posted an optimistic blog about spring whispering.  Since then, winter yelled back. A little snow, a little ice, a lot of cold rain. It’s … Continue reading

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Monday, the 13th & closet follow-up

Why do people get so worked up about Friday, the 13th?  I believe Monday, the 13th, especially the Monday after Daylight Saving Time begins, is much more sinister.  Once again, it was dark as I drove to work … in the … Continue reading

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Sunday smiles

I was short on pictures this week – but Happy, the donkey, was a willing subject yesterday. Do you notice the beautiful green?  Unusual for central Illinois in early-March. For this week, my friends, I hope you savor a treat!

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Central Illinois Weather

Weather fascinates me.  It can make or break you. It is predictably unpredictable. It is moodier than a teenage girl. Working for an electric cooperative makes me even more interested in the weather. The five-day forecast shows a chance for … Continue reading

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spunk noun \ˈspəŋk\ spirit, courage, and determination I love the trait of spunkiness. I love spending time around spunky people. I hate when I feel that my spunk is getting squashed. Spunk squashers, beware. How do you keep your spunk? … Continue reading

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It may be a strangely rainy summer for central Illinois … with a high of only 64 degrees predicted for today. It may not be the summer for bumper crops and beautiful vegetable gardens. It is, however, just another day in paradise! Especially when compared … Continue reading

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