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Soul Sunday

Everyone needs a place where their soul finds peace.  Since Pig-Farmer’s schedule and the budget isn’t allowing for my derriere to be seated pool- or beach-side, with a fruity drink in my hand, I am lucky to have the river … Continue reading

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Coffee and Marie Kondo

Come along with me for a completely different post than I usually photo-journal.  I don’t remember where I first read or heard about Marie Kondo, but I do know I became intrigued. A short synopsis is that you should rid … Continue reading

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Well, good morning!

Tom Kitty has been cattin’ around. He has the war wounds to show for it.   Happy Monday!

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spunk noun \ˈspəŋk\ spirit, courage, and determination I love the trait of spunkiness. I love spending time around spunky people. I hate when I feel that my spunk is getting squashed. Spunk squashers, beware. How do you keep your spunk? … Continue reading

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New Year, New Me?

The other day Pig-farmer asked me if I had made my resolutions.  At that time, I was delighting in post-Christmas quiet while pouring myself a mug of coffee.  I gave him my very best, scariest, don’t-mess-with-me look.  What the heck? I mean, … Continue reading

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How long do chores take?

That is a common question I get asked.  My first thought is always, ‘It depends if anyone pooped in their water trough.’ I try to do extra chores on Wednesday mornings because I have a standing date on Wednesday evenings … Continue reading

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Oatmeal Squares

Every  now and then I like to share a recipe with you.  This recipe came to me via a friend.  I think her daughter found it on Pinterest, but I’m not sure, so I can’t give proper credit.  It is … Continue reading

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