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Oatmeal Squares

Every  now and then I like to share a recipe with you.  This recipe came to me via a friend.  I think her daughter found it on Pinterest, but I’m not sure, so I can’t give proper credit.  It is … Continue reading

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Staring contest

Ever get that feeling you are being watched? Tom Kitty watches me in the kitchen … a lot. So, I’m used to that. However, I felt more eyes. Lots and lots more eyes. Creepy, heebie-jeebie eyes. Geesh.  I almost feel … Continue reading

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Feathers Frustrating Fur

While quietly working in my kitchen early one morning, I was suddenly startled by a flurry of feathery flaps and furry commotion at the window.  A young bird crash-landed on the edge of the screen and sat there, a little … Continue reading

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Monster Cookies

I have to do something different! I don’t want to report on the winter weather and its horrific winter-ness. A good friend had suggested a while ago that I blog my Monster Cookie recipe. (Thank you, Cathy.) I finally remembered … Continue reading

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Sundays should be for slowing down …

and puttering. And church. I admit, I didn’t really want to leave home and go, but I’m glad I did. First, I enjoyed the the early morning with coffee in an adorable mug: The goats showed me how to enjoy … Continue reading

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Step-by-Step Pumpkin Blossoms

I hadn’t made fried pumpkin blossoms in years! Of course, I haven’t grown pumpkins in years, either. In fact, my youngest son couldn’t remember what they tasted like … and he is 18. So, let’s get started! Pick the blossoms … Continue reading

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Photo Friday

My hope is that you smile:

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