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Country roads and views

Evening views from the farm. Take the country roads when you can, my friends. Until tomorrow, good night.

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Slight difference

… in the view from when I left for work to when I returned home. View from the combine steps’ platform. Now, to figure out what’s for supper. I need to do a better job meal planning! Have a great … Continue reading

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Beautiful subject – beautiful day – beautiful focus

Sunshine, puffy clouds on a blue background, friends, farm animals …. adorableness.  {Sigh}  Although I love the subject of the photos, and I missed her sister not being present, and I caught many great snapshots, something about the profile shots … Continue reading

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Photo Friday ~ August 28, 2015

Hope you are Queen / King of your hill this weekend, friends.

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Pumpkin Patch Predators

The evil squash bugs are creating havoc in our patch.  Well, that and the really rainy month of June, possibly.  I have lots of vines.  Not so many pumpkins, this year.  There have been lots of bees and butterflies around … Continue reading

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Summer Lovin’

August!  It’s here!  Summer flies soooo quickly from here. Where are those lazy, hazy days?? As long as we’re having fun, it doesn’t matter. Visits with cousins and family: Who is happier? Getting to take night-time walks while the sun sets, … Continue reading

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Photo Friday

One day.  One nice day this week to get stuff done outside. Yesterday was not it. Hello, Happy. The Christmas lights will get put up another day. Today, it is raining.  Gloomy.  Gray. Let there be light! We are getting … Continue reading

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Muddy Me

One morning this week, when Pig-farmer was home to do chores, I slipped away for walk. The dew was so heavy! It made me think of icy crystals of frost … but hopefully that isn’t for several more weeks. The crickets … Continue reading

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A little Pumpkin Pie

She is rather spoiled.  She moos in the morning for her feed in her barn. Then, she sashays over to the pigs to watch me do those chores.  If, like this morning, I am not watching closely, she will snatch … Continue reading

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Photo Friday

This summer morning: For today, friends, I hope you find contentment in the little joys… for they are actually the big joys.

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