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Goodbye, Saint. :(

I’ve been stalling.  I have not wanted to write this post.  Too final?  Knowing it will bring tears back to my eyes?  But, I must write.  I will try to make a long story short.  I can’t make it sweet, … Continue reading

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Photo Friday

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The Little Things

Sunday morning I did something only a country-living girl could do so easily.  After watering my dead flowers (it seems no matter how much I water them, they are struggling to stay alive in the 100+ degree heat), I hopped … Continue reading

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A Country Childhood

Last night my son asked what my favorite childhood, summer past-time was.  I ventured back to the dark ages and tried to remember.   I had an epiphany!  No wonder I get tired of running all the time… We lived in the … Continue reading

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Mow, mow, mow the yard…maybe not.

I enjoy mowing.  Maybe because the results are immediately obvious and it stays mowed longer than my house stays clean.  Maybe because I can’t hear anyone and no one bothers me when I am mowing.  I enter my own little … Continue reading

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