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Photo Friday

One day.  One nice day this week to get stuff done outside. Yesterday was not it. Hello, Happy. The Christmas lights will get put up another day. Today, it is raining.  Gloomy.  Gray. Let there be light! We are getting … Continue reading

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Rainy Day Smiles

I was sitting around thinking: So, I worked on the mess upstairs. For awhile. But I didn’t have the tools I needed: I got distracted and did this instead: Rainy days make me silly……….

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Warning! Cuteness Alert!

Watching this calf makes me laugh … and makes me a bit Dr. Seuss-y. I will run here: Then, I will run there: Then I will run everywhere! I will run close to that thing on two legs: Whoa! I … Continue reading

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Another weekend in review

I have to review this weekend because I don’t quite know where it went.  I feel a tidge like Dr. Seuss.  Is it here?  Is it there?  Where did it go; this weekend I no longer know? But, here I am.  … Continue reading

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There’s a Mouse in my House

There’s a mouse in my house. I’m no Dr. Seuss – and it’s making me grouse. Of all the rotten, no-good, dirty tricks, it found my M&Ms to get his kicks! The box-chewing, poo-dropping, M&M snacking really got this girl’s brain … Continue reading

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