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A link to work

One of the responsibilities that I love most about my job is that I get to contribute to our publication’s monthly news.  Our electric cooperative has a newsletter insert (Shelby News) into the monthly, statewide magazine, Illinois Country Living.  I … Continue reading

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Here’s How I Roll #2

The other morning, before pig-farmer left for work, he came to me and said (sort of cautiously), “I don’t know if you know this … but your keys are in the basket you keep the clothespins in.”  Luckily that basket … Continue reading

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Hay! Well … Things to be thankful for in a drought.

I am finding myself increasingly cranky about the lack of rain and heat. Particularly the lack of rain. After all, it is the end of July … so it should be hot. But, some of this heat and humidity should work … Continue reading

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House Cleaning is Like Dieting

If you let up for a minute “the problem” will grow and grow until “the problem” seems too overwhelming to tackle.  We are having our house insulated from the tips to the toes (attic to crawlspace).  The nice, insulation-contractor man said they … Continue reading

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