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Photo Friday

Why? Because we all need to remember to play. So, why not do something fun this weekend? Friends, this weekend I hope you have a ball!

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Sunday smiles

I was short on pictures this week – but Happy, the donkey, was a willing subject yesterday. Do you notice the beautiful green?  Unusual for central Illinois in early-March. For this week, my friends, I hope you savor a treat!

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Just a tease

of the obnoxiously cute pictures to come. They are so stinkin’ cute!!! I’m in love…. Hope you enjoy the pics!

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Life is full of so many interesting pursuits! How does one have time to pursue them all? Satisfy our curiosity about the world around us?How do we know in which direction we should put our focus? Almost every single day, … Continue reading

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Photo Friday ~ August 7, 2015

Friends, I hope you kick this week to the curb and enjoy your weekend!  

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I will have to write a post soon on the utterly difficult udder problems Abigail has experienced.  She has made progress, for the short-term, which is good for the bouncing baby boy shown in the following photos.  For now, we … Continue reading

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Just Make the Coffee at The Mayson Jar

It started with this blog, adding photography to the blog, then adding captions to the animals’ photos.  What did?  What started?  The idea of putting the animals’ photos on other media.  Such as a children’s farm animal book, Who Knows Whose … Continue reading

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Catch-Up Tuesday

Three Thanksgiving dinners, plus one mini-family reunion dinner later … I’m back to waddling around my little farm, farm-house and blog. And stalling… on my purging and cleaning spree started yesterday. Pictured below is my pregnant Gert.  I am betting … Continue reading

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Uh-oh …

When you live on a farm with animals, no matter how few or how many, they tend to run the show; dictate your day. I think it might go to their heads. They might start to want more control. Did … Continue reading

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