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Crops are harvested!

#Harvest2022 is a wrap as of Saturday. Not wrapped up with a bow on top, yet. Now, the focus turns to fieldwork: fertilizing and disking ground, prepping machinery for storage, lots of paperwork, catching up on many tasks that had … Continue reading

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This time of year, they don’t care what you bring them to eat or even if it’s very good! They are just grateful for a delivery. Tonight was Schwan’s oven-baked breaded chicken breast sandwiches and homemade chocolate chip cookies. Friends, … Continue reading

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Crop dusting

When crops get too big to bring equipment into the field without damaging them or when field condition are too wet for working, there is another option available to farmers, crop dusting.  Pesticides and fungicides can be applied aerially.  I … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Problems?

First of all, on this rainy, Illinois Tuesday, I’ve had a few questions about eating the pumpkin blossoms … and will we have pumpkins if we eat the blossoms? There are male and female blossoms. Hate to be cruel here, … Continue reading

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