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It was definitely a Monday here at Happy Ass.  And ol’ Happy caused me some problems at evening chores.  But first, “oh my aching muscles!” We are at a crunch-time with the fencing and pasture prep for fall seeding.  The … Continue reading

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Goat Gab

The injured “kid” is healing nicely.  See the scab on his neck?  I couldn’t/wouldn’t post pictures of the wound before.  It needed to stay open (no stitches) so it could drain and it  looked just awful.  Warm compresses with Epsom Salts  really helped the … Continue reading

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Hope springs!

I think that with Spring, always comes a little hope.  New life is popping up.  Tulips that I forgot I had planted are reaching for the sun.  Old trees are dusting themselves off and getting ready to get their bling on. … Continue reading

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