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Feeling rather grateful.

It is really rather awful outside. Snowing.  Cold.  Blowing. I am grateful I could do chores at the pace needed … and could wait until daylight.                I didn’t have to (try to) rush … Continue reading

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Roses in Winter

An absolutely beautiful quote I read … “Memory is the ability to gather roses in winter.” I am not wise enough to even guess why bad things happen to good people. I do know that when bad things happen it … Continue reading

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Hay! Well … Things to be thankful for in a drought.

I am finding myself increasingly cranky about the lack of rain and heat. Particularly the lack of rain. After all, it is the end of July … so it should be hot. But, some of this heat and humidity should work … Continue reading

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High Horses and Other Cowboy Philosophy

“Someone needs/got knocked off their high horse.” “Pull yourself up by the bootstraps.” “Success is getting back on the horse one more time than you fall off.” “Cowboy up.” “My heroes have always been cowboys.” “True Grit.” Have you heard … Continue reading

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