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Crop dusting

When crops get too big to bring equipment into the field without damaging them or when field condition are too wet for working, there is another option available to farmers, crop dusting.  Pesticides and fungicides can be applied aerially.  I … Continue reading

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Photo Friday ~ July 17, 2015

Just because my sons are 23 and 20 doesn’t mean we don’t have Nerf swords at the ready! Her dragon(fly) … Finally, the weather has cooperated and I had some good work time in the Pumpkin Patch. In the goat … Continue reading

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Ring around the round bin

The other day when I stepped out onto my back deck, I noticed Abigail looking for her calf.  They were circling the bin looking for each other.  By the time I grabbed my camera, I only caught a few pictures. … Continue reading

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Photo Friday – May 22, 2015

First thing out of bed, even before coffee (!!), still in pjs, I checked on Abigail.  Nope, no calf yet.  Then, I went for coffee …. only to discover that last night I forgot to put the lid on the … Continue reading

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So, the other day I was reflecting on a few things. On a hazy morning, as the fog was lifting, I wondered what our country-side would look like if every farm owner had the means and desire to maintain their … Continue reading

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Preparing to kid. Not joking.

It’s time to be thinking about kidding.  Goat-kidding.  Birthing. Jethro, the buck, came to visit November 3 thru February 1.  Gertie was in heat November 3.  If she conceived then, she is due around the first of April.  Goats’ gestation … Continue reading

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How cold is it?

It is wind-whipping, popsicle-preserving, toe-tingling, cheek-chapping, nose-numbing, cold!!

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