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Tuesday Newsday

Rainy!  The owl is guarding the  pumpkin patch through the showers.  Through some undetermined hard-ship he suffered, he has a stiff neck.  His head is not spinning with the wind.  It is driving Pig-farmer crazy.  Why do I have the … Continue reading

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At least the sun is shining

March 25, 2014: I have an on-going fight with a pair of starlings.  They are intent upon building their nest within the lid of my propane tank, which I can observe from my kitchen window.  I have stuffed their access … Continue reading

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Yesterday … Today

Yesterday: Today: Yesterday:   Today: Yesterday: Today ~ The project progresses:No more fluorescent yellow ceiling and John Deere walls. Yesterday: Today … spring is hibernating in the maple buds.

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Winter’s Claw

Nature is letting us know that we haven’t seen the last of winter.  Winter is determined this year. Everything that had melted and pooled on the top layers of earth, turned the ground squishy and mucky, then hard-froze into place … Continue reading

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Sunday, January 5th … in central Illinois

The snow is coming down: The cars are parked and the chores are getting done: The coffee has been made and enjoyed: The chili is cooking and the rolls are rising: And the weather?  It is only going to get … Continue reading

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Spring has …. not sprung!

But, you said … today is the first day of spring!! I’ll just have to go back to sleep until the crazy, Illinois weather agrees! Sorry for the blurry photos…it’s the best my phone could do!

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Illinois weather is a fickle thing

What do you do when it is 60 degrees in January in Illinois? Pig farmer opened the windows. Rocko, the cat, wanted a breath of fresh air and decided to see if the view is better on the other side … Continue reading

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