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Pigs and Illinois weather update

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Since my last post, we’ve had more snow: Plus fog and freezing rain.  Notice how the icicles hanging from my front porch frame the top of the picture.  The little mounds in the snow were last year’s pumpkin hills. Then, … Continue reading

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Can you hear the whispers?

Yesterday was not a quiet day. It was flock-of-snow-geese noisy! It was stand-strong, prepare for harsh, winter weather, gray, moody kind of day. Today dawned cold, but crisp and clear. A we-weathered-another-storm kind of day. The kind of quiet where … Continue reading

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If robins could talk…

So, it is 24 degrees out and this completely goes against what I have been grousing about; but it’s my blog and I give myself permission to change my mind. IT’S GORGEOUS OUTSIDE! Seriously.  I was all prepared to grumble … Continue reading

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Photo Friday

Does winter have you eating too much?  Feel like climbing the walls? Just plain ol’ bored? Go exploring!   Hug a goat: or start a project… For today, I hope you do something different!

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I was just going to paint a room….

Sunday it looked like this again: A little ice, sleet, snow – why break the routine, right? Pig-farmer looked out the dining room window and asked, “Are our Christmas lights still up?” Did you hear my sigh? I bet you … Continue reading

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National Pig Day

I told Bernice, “Happy National Pig Day!” What??  There is a National Pig Day? Uhmm, yes.  According to this wonderful blog: http://homesteadredhead.com/2014/03/01/national-pig-day/ Oh, well, in that case, let me say, “CHEESE!” In honor of National Pig Day and the 1st … Continue reading

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My Winter Olympics

Icy days and Mondays can really bring you down. Literally. In the spirit of the 2014 Winter Olympics, I would like to suggest a few events. I mean, if you’ve seen one flying, 3/4 triple, half-pike, haven’t you seen them … Continue reading

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