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Pumpkin Pie’s Day for Exploring

Curiosity finally got to her. What, exactly, is on the other side of the paddock fence? Oh…I can go right in through the opening at the end?  Who knew!?   And the other side?  Has more …. pasture!  Fine, fine … Continue reading

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Vacation Week

              My view while enjoying coffee this morning: Lots of hustle and bustle this week. I am so glad that I decided to take the week off work. The monstrous to-do list I made … Continue reading

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Superb Saturday

Gorgeous weather. Early morning walk with sister and friend. Evicted weeds from flowerbeds. Impromptu fire and wiener roast for lunch. Tried a new recipe.  I am all about fast and easy.  Not to mention yummy.  So I made these Monster … Continue reading

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Good Morning, Happy!

I’ve felt a little sad of late with several contributing factors adding to my melancholy mood.  This morning, I stumbled to the kitchen at 5:40 a.m., defiantly not getting up at 5:30.  (I’ll show that mean ol’ alarm clock…) Horrors!  … Continue reading

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Little things

My boys have both had colds recently.  Summer colds always surprise me.  Last week, the oldest requested Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup and grilled cheese to help him feel better.  He said it is one of the things he really misses … Continue reading

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What could a mile do for you?

Grouchy. I was just feelin’ it. A little restless from being at work when I would like to be buying and planting flowers. I mean, I could hear the weeds growing from my office! Little things were annoying me that … Continue reading

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The Joy of Puttering

I love to be home. I also love puttering in my home. A morning when I am not rushing to be out the door by 7:15, or any given place at a given time, is a little piece of heaven … Continue reading

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