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Daily Hope … and who doesn’t need a little of that?

I want to recommend the following link that my pig-farmer found.  I have it set up to be delivered to my personal/home email daily.  It’s often a much-needed boost; so I want to share: http://purposedriven.com/blogs/dailyhope/index.html?contentid=11886 This particular devotional is Five … Continue reading

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Moat of Bleah

My energy level drops as soon as I get home from work.  All the to-do’s I saw in the morning’s hustle and bustle seem way too large to tackle.  I have accepted my lack of time to organize and clean … Continue reading

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Physically Pffffftt.

I love the feeling after a walk or work-out.  The I-can-conquer-anything feeling.  It puts a spring in my step.  So why, too often, do I phizzle?  Or why do I not “Just Do It” as Nike would say? Too busy?  … Continue reading

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