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If I were an artist,

working in oils or water-colors, or maybe pastel chalk, I would name these pictures. Delicate Morning sun Breakfast Details Jewels Reaching Waiting At Peace May you see God’s artistry around you.

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A new routine & Photo Friday

Times have sure been a changin’ around here.  Not just one, but both of my boys have moved to their college apartments.  Dang.  Talk about change.  Talk about living the quiet life!  I have reminded myself numerous times that this is a … Continue reading

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Noises in the country

The other morning, Hunter, the big black lab, and I drove over to Mom’s farm to weed in the pumpkin patch. After close to an hour of bending over, pulling weeds, I heard something scream. I realized it was the … Continue reading

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The weekend got my goat!

What I really mean is … we got goats this weekend!  Two, sweet, baby Boer goats! Why? Uhmmm…. Hmm? Well, why not? I am starting this blog on my lunch hour. The problem is that it is so gloriously sunny … Continue reading

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Will there be a new kid in town?

Saturday was all I could hope for in a day off work. Work-outside-weather. Getting-things-done started-weather. Oh-my-aching-muscles weather! First things first, I opened the gate between Happy and Abigail’s lots.  They immediately moved into the other’s lot.  The grass is always … Continue reading

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