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Miracle of miracles

I didn’t have my camera outside with me very much last week; but I did catch an unusual and pretty sunrise. Saturday was a day for pig-work.  The kind of pig-work that made me dread heading out the door.  First, … Continue reading

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Photo Friday with the Piglets

9 Days Old 13 alive 1 I’m worried about However, we have begun introducing creep feed.  Tiny, piglet-sized supplemental nutrition. Some are catching on to it after only a couple of days. (Notice how their tiny ears have “popped” and … Continue reading

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And now there are 13

The tiniest of the runts passed away yesterday. On my watch. I had been updating the traveling pig-farmer with phone messages.  Trying to prepare him In actuality, I was preparing myself.  He knew it was likely.  It often is; especially … Continue reading

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14 Baby Berkshires

Today has dawned like a beautiful spring day.  Much, much better than the beginning of the week.  Pig-farmer left for Missouri last night, after checking the pigs.  Once, twice, three times, or more.  I hesitatingly walked to the barn this … Continue reading

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Birth day for Berkshire Piglets

The babies started arriving early this morning.  Pig-farmer was home and on duty.  (Whew…) There are 10 little piggies.  So far. {UPDATE!  Pig-farmer just came in and said there are now 14!  14 piglets!} Pig-farmer thinks a couple of the … Continue reading

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