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Pumpkin Patch Progress

It is a fun time to check the progress of the pumpkin patch.  They change quickly now!The blossoms are providing food for the pollinators and the pollinators happily oblige by pollinating.I remember the general area I planted different species, gourds … Continue reading

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What is that word?

What is the word I am searching for?  It is not ‘trepidation.’  It is not ‘fear’.  ‘Curiosity’ isn’t quite right, either.  How to describe heading out to do chores?  ‘Wonder’?  ‘Hyper-alertness’ ?? It is what makes answering the question, “How … Continue reading

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A visit to the pumpkin patch:

Checking on the pumpkin patch also means checking out Mom’s flowers.  There is always something new blooming.  The pumpkin patch seems to be recuperating from the wilt problem.  Thankfully!  Early in the mornings it is literally a-buzz with the noise … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Problems?

First of all, on this rainy, Illinois Tuesday, I’ve had a few questions about eating the pumpkin blossoms … and will we have pumpkins if we eat the blossoms? There are male and female blossoms. Hate to be cruel here, … Continue reading

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Step-by-Step Pumpkin Blossoms

I hadn’t made fried pumpkin blossoms in years! Of course, I haven’t grown pumpkins in years, either. In fact, my youngest son couldn’t remember what they tasted like … and he is 18. So, let’s get started! Pick the blossoms … Continue reading

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