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On to spraying

After I got home from work, Clint pulled in to mix another load of pre-emergent spray. I rode along so we could catch up on the day’s news and activities. All the corn and soybeans have been planted! Corn is … Continue reading

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Backyard Paradise

Spring is slowly, daintily, tiptoeing into the dance of seasons. Sunday, I chose to explore, enjoy, and try to express the wild beauty of my backyard. I hoped to even find morel mushrooms, just as I’ve hoped this property is home to Redbud … Continue reading

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The Need to Blog

My mind nudges me.  I must blog. ImustblogImustblogImustblog.  It is therapeutic to me. Until I have problems loading the pictures, anyway. Friends and family have asked, “Are you still blogging? I haven’t seen one for a while.”  A blogging-friend even … Continue reading

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Sunshine and Smiles

I love it when the animals can get out on pasture. It was a chilly, windy day that I turned them out and followed them about. The sun cooperated and so did the camera and subjects: Oh… wait, there’s more. … Continue reading

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I’ve got sunshine …. on a cloudy day.

Not really. I have puddles. I have flowers trying to grow in “feels-like 30-something-degrees” weather. I have work waiting. I have beauty blooming. I have plenty to do inside.  Sigh.  Better get back to it. Here’s a little of what … Continue reading

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April Showers

The sky cleared for me to do morning chores.  Thank you. Yet, it is April … and the showers will bring May flowers: Tulips!! And, of course, May flowers will bring: Sorry…had to do it.  😉 The pasture is also greening right … Continue reading

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Photo Friday

Now, for the next series of pics … begin humming “Born Free.”  You’re welcome.  As you’ll probably be humming it all day now.  😉

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