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Soul Sunday

Everyone needs a place where their soul finds peace.  Since Pig-Farmer’s schedule and the budget isn’t allowing for my derriere to be seated pool- or beach-side, with a fruity drink in my hand, I am lucky to have the river … Continue reading

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spunk noun \ˈspəŋk\ spirit, courage, and determination I love the trait of spunkiness. I love spending time around spunky people. I hate when I feel that my spunk is getting squashed. Spunk squashers, beware. How do you keep your spunk? … Continue reading

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Waiting …

on Abigail to calve! My big girl’s due date was yesterday.  She was showing the right signs on Monday, so I thought I would have a post of Polled Hereford delightfulness by now. Patience.  Not my strongest suit.

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Here’s to distractions!

It’s that time of year when I can walk out the door, planning to do the chores and find myself distracted by a multitude of tasks.  Everything is turning green!  We are still so very wet.  Soppy, squishy, soaked.  We … Continue reading

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Can you hear the whispers?

Yesterday was not a quiet day. It was flock-of-snow-geese noisy! It was stand-strong, prepare for harsh, winter weather, gray, moody kind of day. Today dawned cold, but crisp and clear. A we-weathered-another-storm kind of day. The kind of quiet where … Continue reading

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Photo Friday

There is so much happening this time of year.  Here’s a little catching up by photos: Friends, I hope you take a minute to enjoy the beauty during this busy time of year.

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Saturday … SUN day

Finally! The sun seems to have returned from its vacation. I hope it enjoyed its vacation and doesn’t feel the need to leave again anytime too soon. Today – the remaining work on the upstairs room project resumes! I love … Continue reading

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