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Winter in Illinois can challenge a person to look a little harder for nature’s beauty.  Luckily, I got to see and photograph this sunset. A walk in the timber, overlooking the Kaskaskia River, rarely disappoints, too. Plus, the energy exerted … Continue reading

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Too stinkin’ long

since I’ve blogged.  I’ve missed ya!  So what is my excuse?  Oh, let’s not even go there.  Let’s just look at a few pics I’ve snapped of God’s artwork.  I love, love, love a colorful sunrise. So many beautiful moments … Continue reading

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A little Pumpkin Pie

She is rather spoiled.  She moos in the morning for her feed in her barn. Then, she sashays over to the pigs to watch me do those chores.  If, like this morning, I am not watching closely, she will snatch … Continue reading

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What is that word?

What is the word I am searching for?  It is not ‘trepidation.’  It is not ‘fear’.  ‘Curiosity’ isn’t quite right, either.  How to describe heading out to do chores?  ‘Wonder’?  ‘Hyper-alertness’ ?? It is what makes answering the question, “How … Continue reading

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Photo Friday

Last night, I did chores as the sun set, and as the moon brightened the sky. It was above freezing. Calm and quiet. Pumpkin Pie was the star of the dinner show. Do you see her halo? Nice ’80’s part … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Reprieve

The arctic cold reared its ugly, frozen head again Sunday evening.  Quiet and calm one minute – roaring, arctic winds the next.  It was eerie.  Unwelcome.  However, we had a wonderfully beautiful, warm (43 degrees) Sunday afternoon!  After Sunday school, … Continue reading

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Blessings and Deep Breaths

Stress relief: Count your blessings. Practice gratitude.  It will develop and grow like a muscle with exercise.  Journal it, pray it, say it, love it, live it.  Find your way(s) to practice it. I’ve noticed people posting blessings on Facebook … Continue reading

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