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A little of everything!

You might have asked, “What is she going to do with all her time now?” My answer … a little of everything! Happily spend more time with family and friends. Errands – never end. Now, I’m expected asked to do … Continue reading

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A beautiful Monday

This morning’s 5:30 sunrise is the new header for my blog page.  It was a good start for a Monday morning.  If the sun would rise this early in the winter, I think I could get up easier on winter mornings! … Continue reading

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Angry Hams

Saturday I royally ticked off my hamstrings.  They took revenge by restricting and contracting.  My morning walk, a fast clip for an hour including a steep hill, followed by a lot of bending-over-weeding of flower beds made me realize on … Continue reading

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Morning (attempt at) Photography

Yesterday morning I attempted to photograph the morning dew, sparkling in the sunrise, on my flowers.  The flowers, I determined, look better from a distance (which is not unlike me …). A cloud then passed over my subject. A gray … Continue reading

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One Weed at a Time

For reasons I can only mark up to TENACITY, the weeds are trying to overtake our little ol’ farm.  I have been somewhat amazed by the weeds on the east side of our open-sided, east-facing livestock barn.  They have slowly stalked … Continue reading

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