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Definitely not retired

People often ask how I like retirement.  Although I haven’t exactly been put out to pasture.  I laugh.  I say, “The pay is lousy; but the benefits are great.” In reality, I feel I work really hard to make something … Continue reading

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It’s a Boy … AND a Girl!!

Miss Gertie delivered in her own stoic way. I was on frequent watch with her throughout the day … just knowing those babies were coming.  At chores, I decided she would probably wait until late night. So, my sister and … Continue reading

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Another weekend in review

I have to review this weekend because I don’t quite know where it went.  I feel a tidge like Dr. Seuss.  Is it here?  Is it there?  Where did it go; this weekend I no longer know? But, here I am.  … Continue reading

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Sampling purgatory

I’ve never had the greatest understanding of purgatory.  Today, I had a break-through, an inkling of what it might be like.  Wal-Mart is purgatory on earth.  Let me be even more precise, Wal-Mart, on a lunch hour from work, is … Continue reading

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A Scene from my Kitchen

I love my kitchen. I whistle while I work. My family gathers here. We talk. Sometimes … they might comment on my cooking. I just point to the goose. I am also using the picture as the background for my … Continue reading

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Spinning, spinning … breathe!

I have increasingly been finding myself with this image in my head: While listening to voice mails at work yesterday, I did a quick, incomplete, sketch of my plates and came up with 18 plates I try to keep spinning … just at … Continue reading

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The Value of Happiness

When I saw my blogging-friend had been absent for awhile, I was sad. I had a feeling it was due to something being a-miss, as her blogs usually have an upbeat, funny aspect to them. I was drawn to her … Continue reading

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