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Here’s how I roll #3 An Autumn Edition

I can’t park straight.  I can actually, sometimes, successfully parallel park, but my non-parallel park job at work usually looks like I am attempting diagonal park within a normal space. I love the smell of crunchy, fall leaves. I do not … Continue reading

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Dazed by an earworm.

Gasp!  I just learned I have an earworm… Wait – before you grab the hand sanitizer and trip while retreating so hastily, let me explain. It is the term for when a song gets stuck in your head.  I had … Continue reading

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Finding my Passion

There is a lot of talk, discussion and writing about finding one’s passion.  Here is my loose summation of my research.  Once a person finds their passion, they are set for life!  It will define their career, lead to wealth, raise … Continue reading

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