Another patio view

Last night, right before going inside after enjoying a summer evening on the patio, we were graced with a moon goddess visit, otherwise known as a Luna moth. Miss Luna flew toward our patriotic led lights flag, but fluttered downward, behind a storage box, where toads were also hanging out. I lifted her up, and she chose to spend the night as part of the lighted flag display.

Don’t worry, she isn’t tangled. She is alive and well this morning.

From my limited and quick research, I believe she is a second or third generation for this year. “Luna moths are not rare, but are rarely seen due to their very brief (7–10 day) adult lives and nocturnal flying time. As with all giant silk moths, the adults do not eat. In regions where there are two or three generations per year, the second and third may have wing coloration that is more of a yellow-green compared to the first generation of the year.”  Source: Wikipedia

Such a fun night! Earlier in the evening, we were enjoying visiting outside with our neighbor friends and had a different visitor interrupt. Hopefully, I will have some pictures of this friendly guy to show you soon.

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Crops of the Midwest

Soybeans + Corn = White-tailed Deer

Summer blessings – view from our patio.


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Some days call for pretty pictures.

Each sunset brings an opportunity to reflect on the day’s beauty.

Find the beauty. It’s there!



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Farmhouse Supper

Yesterday was a cool, windy, cloudy “spring” day. Comfort food was on the menu!


Potatoes, carrots, and onions

Amish Friendship Bread

What’s on your comfort menu?



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I choose Faith

St Paul's United Church of Christ (2).jpg

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Out with January!

Extreme – that sums this week up. 21JanuarySunrise_Lake_Shelbyville

From 30 below windchill this week to 60 and sunny today. 3FebLake_Shelbyville

Like life – unpredictable! So, you learn to find the beauty in whatever it throws your way. I enjoyed the sun on my face today. So did this spoiled nut:Spoiled

Speaking of spoiled…Spoiled2

Can you tell I might have interrupted her nap? 

This week, I hope you have a sweet, surprise interruption – that you don’t find annoying!


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Coffee & Encouragement


I am loving that the new year is off to a fresh, clean start.


Focus your thoughts on the good and the good yet to happen.


Today, friends, I encourage you to focus on the future!

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What does that word mean to you?

Does it evoke fear or excitement? AdventureDefinition

To me, it sounds like a great prospect for fun.

Definitely memories & stories to tell.NewAdventures

Friends, my wish for you (and my hope for me) is to make every day a new adventure!MovingForward





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I concede.

I had such hopes.Nov10_ConcededI kept the faith.Nov10_AutumnLeaves_Snow

My hopes fell like the autumn leaves.Nov10_Contrasts

No Indian Summer this fall for Central Illinois.Nov10_Kaskaskia_RiverNov10_Moms_Timber

But faith is knowing the sun will shine again … despite snow in November!Nov10_Snow

Even Bubbles decided to watch the big, fat, flakes falling.Nov12_Bubbles_Snow

Then, I got to watch this pretty girl from my kitchen window.Nov14_Deer

Mr. Scary needs thawed a bit. Cold-hearted thing that he is. He’s making the wagon look bad!Nov15_Scary

Here’s to enjoying a warm cup of coffee!

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