February 14, 2017


Friends, I hope you find some sweetness in your day!

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Winter in Illinois can challenge a person to look a little harder for nature’s beauty.  Luckily, I got to see and photograph this sunset.wintersunset

A walk in the timber, overlooking the Kaskaskia River, rarely disappoints, too.narrowtrailrollinghill


Plus, the energy exerted climbing these hills is good therapy!challenge

I love Sycamore trees, too.  I wish the old trees in this timber could tell me their stories.sycamore

Then, I had that feeling … of someone watching … Look closely; do you see the gnarled, old man – giving this tree quite a human appearance?dsc_0326

I believe his silence speaks volumes of wisdom.  I read a quote on Pinterest once that stayed with me:

Wisdom is silentinsecurities are loud.

Except for this guy:happyhooray

His loudness is not insecurity.  His is Happy-ness!  Ever alert and watchful.  Smarter than he may appear. happyonalert

For this Friday, friends, I hope you find peace and winter’s beauty.

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Photo Friday with Bubbles


Pawfully, playfully, cute, right?

I hope you have a playful Friday, friends!

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Dodged it!

We dodged the worst of the ice storm.icywelcomeGlazed, but not dazed.icywreathDrippy, but not broken.icymaplejan17Temps were directed to warm up!icyweathervaneFlower gardens still provided beauty.icyflowerheadsWinter storm knocked – and we dodged by the hair on our chinny, chin, chin.icystonecalf

Hoping you see sunshine soon, my friends!

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Central Illinois Weather

Weather fascinates me.  It can make or break you. It is predictably unpredictable. It is moodier than a teenage girl.

Working for an electric cooperative makes me even more interested in the weather.

The five-day forecast shows a chance for ice.  Look at this… a high of 58 today.  In January! Then, that three-letter word:


I am posting this in an effort to scare it away.  If you prepare for the worst, maybe it won’t happen.

Ice makes for some beautiful and interesting pictures, though. So, I dug through my archives and found these from an ice storm in 2011.2011icybarn2011icybranchpic2011icysteer

Now that we have visited those, I think it is sufficient that we don’t experience any this weekend.

Stay tuned, my friends!

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Tis the Holidaze


I need to learn to JUST MAKE THE COFFEE and not eat cookies and candy with every cup!  Friends, I wish you well as you prepare for the Christmas season.

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Happy, my ass.

This is my post I had to put on Facebook this evening: 

 Marla –  feeling disappointed.
 This guy is the Grinch and Ebeneezer Scrooge both!! He refused to load in the trailer to participate in the Live Nativity. I am embarrASSed. Poor Mary…..no room in the Inn and she can’t even get a ride….



I pulled up to the front door, preparing to unload groceries I got after work, and was greeted, like normal, by Happy’s bray.  I said, “Oh $#it.”

Well, he’s just a homebody, I guess. A stubborn one.

I made a cup of coffee and had a good chuckle as I pictured Pig-Farmer and the other man (both over 6 feet tall and 200+ pounds) trying to push, pull and pry Happy from his pen! 

Friends, I wish you a HAPPY weekend, FAITH to know that Christmas will arrive despite any challenges, and SERENITY to accept the things you cannot change!


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