Crops are harvested!

#Harvest2022 is a wrap as of Saturday.

Not wrapped up with a bow on top, yet.

Now, the focus turns to fieldwork: fertilizing and disking ground, prepping machinery for storage, lots of paperwork, catching up on many tasks that had to be postponed.

Over the river and through the woods!

I was able to get my 89 year old mother along for a ride to the elevator when we were harvesting her crops.

So many beautiful moments among the busyness and fatigue.

This pic was taken by my husband while I was at work. What a sight!
The last rows.

Tomorrow’s forecast holds rain. We continue to pray for those not yet finished. We thank God for a safe and bountiful harvest.

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Feeding those who feed the world

Around here, it is hand-held food for the field. My farmer doesn’t like to stop!

Occasionally, I am unable to bring food, sometimes it is carry-out, and sometimes I am able to make hot sandwiches.

Marinated ribeye sandwiches grilled on the Traeger for the win!

It’s getting harder to get to the field before sunset.

The pics taken in the lights of the equipment are kind of cool – when they turn out!

Rolling the tarp closed on the grain auger cart.

Weather forecast is for a busy weekend ahead!

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Yesterday, Wednesday, October 12.

A rain delay.

It wasn’t a day of rest; just a slow down. A chance to tie those loose ends that unravel during busy times. Some of the temporary patches and fixes received permanent repairs.

The wind pushed the front through,

while the dogs and I watched.

Oh look! A corn dog!

The cat watched from behind the door.

Big paws!

A pause might seem like a standstill. It’s actually where life refreshes!

I hope you can pause for a moment today and just breathe deeply and refresh.

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Harvest at the beautiful golden hour

Golden hour: an amateur photographer’s happy hour! The light softens and paints the landscape in golden tones.

Clint was harvesting soybeans last night west of our home.

I was able to stand in our yard and get these pictures with a zoom lens.

The bean dust laid low enough that I could see all the way to the Pana grain elevator.

Just a few minutes, then the opportunity is gone. And yet, time moves at that pace all day, every day. That, my friends, is something to think about.

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Farming, Family, Balloons … Busy!

My brother and nephew (visiting from Florida and New York) were here to take part in a busy weekend. The technology and machinery size has changed a bit since my brother was living on the farm.

The weather cooperated for the Touchstone Energy Hot Air Balloonfest. Hot air balloons were aloft over fields and Lake Shelbyville.

Checking some beans for ripeness.

Tomorrow’s forecast has a chance of rain. We shall see what happens. For today, roll with what comes your way!

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Not good!

Harvest was going well yesterday until the grain cart decided to pop a wheelie. Parts were available. I was able to pick up and bring them home with me. Repairs are underway this a.m.

Yesterday’s and this morning’s sunrise pics as I left for work:

I hope to have some beautiful pictures for you this weekend. It’s the annual Touchstone Energy Balloonfest at Lake Shelbyville. We also may get our first hard freeze – we’ve only had a very light frost, so far.

Happy Friday!

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Back to corn

Working north of our house.

Another beautiful October day!

Hot ham, turkey, cheese, and grilled red onion sub sandwiches tonight.

Finally, some corn is dry enough to haul straight to the elevator. We are in for a weather change soon – a chilly weekend is ahead. October in Illinois!

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Beans and beef.

The beans just to the west of our home.

Clint’s dad catching a ride.

It is a gorgeous, clear, calm, starry night!

Beef. It’s what’s for dinner. Slow-cooker Italian beef.

I hope you can enjoy some crisp fall evenings!

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First Frost

I forgot to mention that we had a very light frost Tuesday morning. It was still dark when I drove to work, so no pictures of the frost.

Today’s only picture is of Clint checking a bin. Definitely Getting his steps in!

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Stop & Go & Stop

Looks like he is harvesting the sun:

It needs more sun and warm weather! This field is opened up, but determined to be too wet.

Moving on to try a different field.

Too wet, also.

Tomorrow is another day!

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