A Christmas Bug?

What is that I feel in the air?  Could it be?  Surely not… Moi?  Feeling … Christmas-y??  I hope it isn’t just a 24-hour bug or something.  I mean, what if the Grinch’s heart really does grow 3 times its normal size?

The tree is up.  Not only is it up, but it is decorated!  Pig-Farmer and I started to assemble the 10 foot tree that came with the house.  It was one of those artificial trees that needs each branch poked into a color-coded slot on the “trunk.”  We made it to the second level before we decided that dismantling it was going to be even worse.  We took it down and got our favorite, a “real” tree.  10 foot tree, anyone??  Going really cheap.

Then, we discovered every 4th or 5th light bulb was out on our old light strings.  We made a “quick” trip to a local store but they didn’t have colored lights that twinkled.  Pig-Farmer insisted that the %@$# lovely lights must twinkle.  It was beginning to look a lot like Christmas-preps past.  Fine. We drove a half hour and got multi-color, twinkling lights.  Christmas tree woes over.

Bubbles helps dislodge any loose needles.  And I had been thinking it was dropping needles because it was dry.Bubbles

Oh, don’t get worried that I’m too ill with this Christmas bug.  Plenty remains to be done!  I would really like to find the book my best friend got me last year about how to be organized and have an un-frazzled Christmas.  It’s in an unpacked box somewhere.  Maybe her love for all things Christmas is what I’ve caught – even without reading the book.

Or maybe it was something slipped into this early Christmas surprise from another bestie.  The friend that embraces my Grinch-y heart.DSC_0292

I had yet to try the Peppermint Bark coffee I had purchased when I came home one day after work and found a cheerily gift-wrapped box propped at my door.  My furrowed brow lifted into a smile that warmed my whole heart when I unwrapped my Grinch mug.

My wish for you, friends, is that you make time to stop and smell the coffee, or the Christmas tree, or a scented candle, and reflect on celebrating the birth of our Savior … and enjoy the twinkling, multi-colored lights.


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Incomplete thoughts

My random thoughts this weekend have narrowed down to this: Routines have their place.  Structure provides stability.  But, I’m over rigidity.Kitchen view

I would have missed watching the timber behind my house come alive this morning if I had been on my normal routine.  Waking up

None of us should be so self-important that we overlook what God is putting right in front of us.  Is it appreciation for something? Someone? A simple need we can fill? Time for family and friends?  Can we stop and look outward?BubblesBench

Maybe take a little time to reflect.BubblesKitchen

Are we caught up in the right actions but missing the important?Autumn

Today I hope you enjoy what you are doing, friends.


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New views

The “new” old house in town is already changing!  The monstrous yews in front had to go.

BEFORE:That picture doesn’t really show how monstrous they were.  They were hide-a-bear big … if we had bears, that is.

AFTER:Now, it’s neat and tidy and should offer some color and/or “visual interest” most of the year.  Plants included: boxwood, hydrangea, coreopsis, and dianthus.

Oops …. forgot to get a picture of the old wagon (old picture below) in its new home.Yes, we moved it to town!  Rednecks that we are.

Views of our backyard:Bubbles is settling in to her new home:

So is Happy!  He has even made a new friend – Truman.For today friends, here’s to change!

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A Happy new home

Monday was a big day for our Happy.After the Nativity fiasco in December, Pig-Farmer questioned my ability to get Happy to load in the trailer.  Especially, if Happy had any clue that he was going to the veterinarian’s to get castrated….  This “procedure” should go a long way in helping our Happy be a more pasture-sharing gentleman.

Happy and I calmly worked together and he loaded like a champ!  Pig-Farmer watched from a distance and seemed a bit disbelieving.  Don’t ya love when that happens?

Our veterinarian made quick work of, well, Happy’s testosterone generators.  Soon, we were loaded back up and on our way to his new home.  He has a great pasture with trees over-looking beautiful Central Illinois fields.Most importantly, he has a very kind, loving new family!

Plus, his new home is on our way to church … and we have visitation privileges.  😉  I’ll be able to snap pictures to share with y’all.

Have a very Happy weekend!!


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For Sale


Yes, you read that correctly.  Our little farm is for sale.  That is why I have been quiet on the blog for awhile.  So much happening!!

We are in the process of buying a cool, old home on two acres of timber in Shelbyville.  I’ve been assured that deer will be the new “livestock” I watch from my kitchen window and backyard.

I feel I have to justify our move.  Maybe because so many people feel they need to weigh in with their opinion.  Many are happy and excited for us.  Many just want to tell us what they would do or never do.  (Note: I’ve learned to be cautious about ever saying that I would “never” do this/that/the other.)  Anyway, Pig-farmer (who shall remain known as Pig-farmer) and I have made this decision.  We preach simplifying but seem to have trouble living it.

Happy will have a happy home.  More on that later.  The rest of the farm animals have been gone for quite some time.  For the most part, it is just me and the cats rattling around this little farmette.

This blog will continue to evolve as it has since day 1.  I hope you will come along with me.


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Happy is as Happy does

Dusk told me it was time to start gathering my tools and project supplies and start thinking about what I was going to make for supper (popcorn).May23Dusk

Movement in the former goat pen caught my eye.  It is the only lot that hasn’t yet been mowed.  Happy was hanging out, creating a photo op.May23Happy1


He was nibbling the tops off the grasses.  Maybe he liked not having to lean down for his dinner?May23Happy3May23Happy4

We both got to watch a gorgeous sunset.


Sometimes it is best to enjoy the distractions and roll with the flow of the day.

May your distractions be beautiful opportunities.

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Hang in there, friends!  You’ve got this!

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