I concede.

I had such hopes.Nov10_ConcededI kept the faith.Nov10_AutumnLeaves_Snow

My hopes fell like the autumn leaves.Nov10_Contrasts

No Indian Summer this fall for Central Illinois.Nov10_Kaskaskia_RiverNov10_Moms_Timber

But faith is knowing the sun will shine again … despite snow in November!Nov10_Snow

Even Bubbles decided to watch the big, fat, flakes falling.Nov12_Bubbles_Snow

Then, I got to watch this pretty girl from my kitchen window.Nov14_Deer

Mr. Scary needs thawed a bit. Cold-hearted thing that he is. He’s making the wagon look bad!Nov15_Scary

Here’s to enjoying a warm cup of coffee!

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Falling back

The beautiful season of autumn lets your senses sail away. Sailboat_Lake_Shelbyville

Fall in the country has it’s very own smell. The trick is to breathe deeply and notice it!Country_Road

Reminisce a bit, then brush your hands off, and appreciate each beautiful moment that was and will be.Kaskaskia_River

I hope you feel some pride in the place you call home.Shelbyville_dusk

I’m lucky to look out my doors, windows, and down my street to beautiful views.Halloween

My neighborhood embraces Halloween!  The pictures do not do it justice.  As a friend said, “It really is like something out of a movie scene.” The streets were full of head-lights, tail-lights, walkers, wagons, strollers, families, princesses, super heroes, and goblins.  Trick_Treat

The neighborhood market grilled hotdogs for families – for free!  My neighbor played the school cheer song on his trumpet for all to hear.Goblins

And then …. we ran out of candy!  It was time to hide!Bubbles_Blankets

Friends, I hope you fall back today and enjoy a relaxing day.

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Counting my fall blessings

October in Illinois – the flowers are telling the evergreens to wait their turn!Evergreen2

The Sunken Garden in Forest Park, Shelbyville, is just getting warmed up.Sunken_GardenSunken_Garden2

The bees are still abuzz. It’s harvest time, after all.Buzz

Things from the past find new use!ScaryLarry

I wonder if we will get to enjoy a long fall?  Mum’s the word!Mums

I hope you see the beauty and count your blessings this fall.


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How dare I

wake up Bubbles, Stinkeye

by turning on the ceiling fan?CeilingFan

Friends, I wish you undisturbed sleep.  And sweet dreams.

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A simple lesson

Love the ones that encourage you to bloom.

Hibiscus-growing credit: My Mom!

Friends, I wish you a blooming good start to your week.

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Shine on

Every second I can, I want to enjoy the gorgeous weather we have been experiencing. 


Watching Hurricane Florence’s path makes me count my blessings for our delightful weather, while praying for those affected in the myriad of ways a hurricane can cause damage. Right here in Shelbyville, Illinois – our Shelby Electric Cooperative is sending crews to help with restoration efforts.  Godspeed.


What a summer it has been. It has not been a summer for blogging. It has been a summer of significant change and reflection, coming to terms with change, and always, always, digging deeper for personal strength … while relying on the support and love of family and friends.


The changing of seasons can be a catalyst for a fresh slate.  Why save resolutions to make a better life for January 1? I don’t believe in pretending failures do not happen to each of us.  I do believe in using lessons from failures to grow wiser.  You have to shake the negativity from your head.  You have value and beauty.  Don’t hide it.


Shine on.  Shine for yourself.  Shine for those who deserve and need your light.


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Backyard Paradise

Spring is slowly, daintily, tiptoeing into the dance of seasons.Apr29TreeFringe

Sunday, I chose to explore, enjoy, and try to express the wild beauty of my backyard.Apr28Vine

I hoped to even find morel mushrooms, just as I’ve hoped this property is home to Redbud trees.

I found the Redbuds …. way at the back edge,Apr29Redbud

and a box turtle,Apr29Box_Turtle

and a beautiful hill of these blue, timber flowers, that I don’t know the name of.Apr29BlueFlowers

Here is a close-up:Apr29BlueCloseup

I had songs and company, too.Apr29CardinalApr29Nuts

No ‘shrooms, though.

Hmmmm, have to think about that.Apr29Robin

For today, friends, I hope you enjoy something in your own backyard!

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