Just another day in paradise

Because everyone spends a holiday washing coon $hit off their overhead shed doors, right?Shed_Door

Note: after raccoons terrorize the shed like drunken pirates, they will need to rest. Especially if they have gorged themselves on cat food and cattle feed.  If an overhead door is left up, they will think it is a nice balcony upon which to stumble onto to sleep off their indulgences. Upon awakening, they will realize that the stolen food they gorged upon is no longer settling so well … and OMG, they can’t make it to the bathroom on time.


The raccoons were upset one evening because my son and nephew were in the shed during their (the coons) normal cavorting hours.  Although, now that I think about it, the coons and young men have something in common.  The coons decided to growl at the young men.  Unwisely, I might add.  There was quite a bit of commotion and excitement and let’s just say that the coons did not win that particular battle.  However, the war rages on.  They (the coons) have called up the reserves.  I may have to call in my reserve(s).  My mother is the trapper in our family.  But, I digress.

Lots of rain this weekend.  When you grow up on a farm, you never complain about a nice summer rain; even when it is on a holiday weekend.Rain_PondThe rain made time for some R & R.Bubbles

The kids are growing by leaps and bounds.Growing_GoatsThe steers are still here and accounted for…. Steaks, George, and Roasts.  Happy is hanging out in the background.Feeders

I hope you have had a happy 4th of July weekend!George


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May 31, 2016

Happily, I was planning to grill some pork tenderloins after work.  We bought a gas grill this weekend after being without one for a couple of years.  I brought home the propane tank, hooked it up, got the supplies and meat ready, and, luckily, lifted the lid before trying out the electric start button.


Frog legs, anyone?


He was safely helped out and chose to hang out on the deck railing beside the grill.31May_Tree_Frog

What was that, you ask?

How are the baby goats?! Have you named them?

Loosely, yes. Creatively, no.31MayUno31MayUnoDos31MayTres

Yes, I can lose all track of time just watching them play and sleep.

It doesn’t bother them one bit, either.31MaySassyUno

May your grill be free of frogs.  May smiles find you easily…as May jumps into June.


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Goat kidding update

When I go out at 5:30 a.m. for a check, can’t find one, suffer a mild panic attack, then locate her snoozing under the hay feeder:19May2016 Doeling

Her brother looked at me with charming eyes and said, “No worries, I will pose.”Boer_goat_baby Handsome

“Wait a sec! Here’s my handsome profile.”19May2016 Profile

I heard Thumper talking to Bambi, “Awfully wobbly, ain’t ya?”Awfully_wobbly

Sis decided to come out from hiding and bat her eyes at me.Baby_goat

With the good, always seems to come some bad.  Gabby went in to labor the next day and successfully delivered twin boys.  One, however, did not survive.  The other is up and doing well.  Thankful for that; sorely sad and disappointed about the other.  After working and working and working with the one that didn’t make it, Gerty’s twins set themselves up to make me smile.521Twins

From the top … Don’t let lack of space stop you!521TopView

If you aren’t smiling yet, maybe this one will help:520TooCute

Sigh…. that is the sound of my heart melting.  Baby Boer goat kids are like 1/2 lop-ear bunny and 1/2 puppy.

Guess what?  These two have now learned to jump!  I will be taking lots of pics today and in the next post you will also meet Gabby’s little guy.

I hope you have a beautiful, laughter-filled weekend, friends.

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Just a tease

of the obnoxiously cute pictures to come.

Gerty's Little Boy

Gerty’s Little Boy

Gerty's Little Girl

Gerty’s Little Girl

They are so stinkin’ cute!!! I’m in love….

Hope you enjoy the pics!

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If I were an artist,

working in oils or water-colors, or maybe pastel chalk, I would name these pictures.


15MayGoodMorningMorning sun






15MayAtPeaceAt Peace

May you see God’s artistry around you.

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Beautiful subject – beautiful day – beautiful focus

Sunshine, puffy clouds on a blue background, friends, farm animals …. adorableness.  {Sigh}423TandSteers

 Although I love the subject of the photos, and I missed her sister not being present, and I caught many great snapshots, something about the profile shots and the ones taken from behind caught my attention.  I love her concentration in them.  That she wasn’t distracted by me saying her name, asking her to look at me.

423TandGabby 423TonTiptoesOh, those tiptoes!  She was trying to peek at Happy.  Did you see him in the background?

There he is – up close!423HappyandT 423TandHappy

For today, friends, may you find something good, something Happy, to focus on.

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Photo Friday ~ April 22, 2016

How about a Photo Friday to bring you up to speed with spring in central Illinois?21KaskaskiaRiver

Hope for good changes as the fog clears. 21AprilMorning

On the lookout for something new.21George

Hoping it comes shining through.  Finally!21Moms

A month until the girls have their kids!21DueMay


I hope you can work hard and play hard this weekend!


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